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10 stock investment choices for 2014

Paul R. LaMonica discusses 10 growth stocks that could be good bets in 2014.

Sinister Agendas for Asia and Beyond

Opinion: The Twin Rise of Hezbollah and Al Qaeda Editorial board member Matt Kaminski on the spillover from Syria’s civil war. Photos: AP Nuclear War Strategy Communist Dangers 101 East : Asia’s Cyber warriors Contributing long Range ICBM Missiles Exported Missile Launchers Delivery System for Long Range ICBMs Secretly helping with nuclear & missile technology …

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Dividend Investing: The Best Investment Strategy

3 Stocks Poised for Fast Dividend Growth google “Never Invest In A Stock That Doesn’t Pay A Dividend.” Companies in a portfolio of high-dividend yielding, slow growth companies have equaled or outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) on a total return basis. Dividend yields of both the utilities and the energy stocks are highly …

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Investor’s Tutorial

You can only invest money that you have saved. The most powerful and effective strategy for building wealth is to pay yourself first. Which means you should prioritize savings above all other expenses. To  retire early and rich with wealth, begin cultivating wealth and investments daily. When you make your budget, the first amount you …

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U.S.-Iran, Israel and Palestinian Relations in a Dynamic New Middle East

A Conversation with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (58:52) A Conversation with President Barack Obama (48:11) Keynote Address by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (44:44)  THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release December 7, 2013 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT IN AN CONVERSATION WITH THE 10TH ANNUAL SABAN FORUM Willard …

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Dividend Income Stocks Main Advantages

Historically, dividends have represented over 50% of the total market return. Despite a great couple of years, we  should continue to focus on finding the most appealing income paying stocks. Dividend paying stocks have five main advantages over non dividend paying stocks. 1.) The need to pay a dividend imposes discipline on company management. CEOs …

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Money Managers Investment Picks for 2014

Bloomberg Markets Money Managers Investment Picks for 2014 Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg Markets interviewed top-ranked money managers and asked where they’re placing their bets in the U.S., Europe and emerging markets for 2014. In a departure from the past, they see more chances to make money in the developed economies than in some of …

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Fed Seen More Influential Over Euro Than ECB

Fed Seen More Influential Over Euro Than ECB Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) — Kit Juckes, global strategist at Societe Generale SA, talks about European Central Bank monetary policy after it decided to leave the benchmark rate unchanged at 0.25 percent. He speaks with Bloomberg Television’s Guy Johnson. (Source: Bloomberg) Draghi inaction boosts euro Feb 6, 2014 …

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Investment Stock Picks

Three Stocks to Buy for 2014 Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) — Mario Gabelli, chairman at Gabelli Investors, offers his top stock picks for 2014 on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Merchants Trust: three stock picks Three Asia Pacific telecoms stock picks Newton’s Jason Pidcock picks three favourite stocks in his Asian Income Fund Newton Asian Income: should …

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