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Blue-Chip Stocks with Increased Dividend Yields in Q3 2013

For solid dividend payouts, start right here. Companies are increasing their dividend payouts to shareholders at a record rate The S&P 500 blue chip has gained approximately 5% in the past three months and 18% since Jan. 1, 2013. This is good news for blue-chip stocks and their shareholder. In the past quarter, a bevy …

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3 Best ETFs for 2014

3 Best ETFs for 2014 Brendan Conway and Jack Otter discuss investment ideas in for the coming year, including dividend funds, muni bonds, and European stocks.

Dividend Stocks that Raised their Yields in 3Q 2013

Investors continue to love their dividend stocks- with so many raising payouts in October. It’s an interesting time for dividend seekers. According to Fidelity Investments, corporate cash balances sit at some $1.8 trillion – the highest in history. Yet, payout ratios are still at 50-year lows. That suggests there’s plenty of room for dividends to …

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Stock Rotation is Key in this Bull Market Rally

Investors are turning to shares seen as bargains, a shift that could keep this year’s stock rally going strong in 2014.Leading the S&P 500 this year are stocks with relatively low valuations based on earnings forecasts and increasing future profits. In recent years, investors bought stocks that paid big dividends, paying little attention to valuations, …

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Vice Chair Nominee Fischer, the Federal Reserve Bank and US Economic Growth

“Stanley Fischer would be the perfect choice as Vice Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board.” Now that Janet Yellen is to be Chair of the US Federal Reserve Board, attention has turned to the candidate to succeed her as Vice Chair. Stanley Fischer would be the perfect choice, given his unique combination of skills, …

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