April 2014 archive

Interest Rates in Focus

A major concern for the markets is rising interest rates. Interest rates have been too low for too long. A good way of gauging interest rates over time is to examine the yield on ten-year treasuries. The yield is the interest rate necessary to make the current price of treasuries equal the present value of …

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Slack in the Economy Is Dangerous

Economist Paul Krugman discusses economic conditions with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene as part of the Capital in the Twenty-First Century event at CUNY in New York.

The Effects of Sanctions on Russia

On this week’s “Political Capital,” former Secretary of Defense William Cohen on what’s next in Ukraine. Politics Seib & Co: Juan Zarate Discusses Russia Sanctions The U.S. has an arsenal of financial tools to use against Russia in the form of sanctions and punishments. But as former Deputy National Security Advisor Juan Zarate explains, a …

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12 Times Being Cheap Is Totally Worth It

Original article: Business Insider Where “frugal” implies a certain cleverness and admirable self-restraint, “cheap” is what you call the guy who itemizes the group dinner bill. But sometimes being cheap is just being smart. Why spend more for a brand-name product when you can get the same quality for less? To figure out when and …

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