Power Buildings With Plant-Inspired Tech
Richard Caldwell, managing director at Dyesol, explains how his company creates energy by replicating the process of photosynthesis in building materials and the involvement of government in renewable energy.

This Is the World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant
Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) — NRG Solar CEO Tom Doyle and GW Solar Institute Director Amt Ronen discusses the future for solar power on discusses discusses Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Renewable Heating Could Cut Bills by 45%
Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — David Rae, Chief Finance Officer at Innasol, discusses why he says now is the time to switch to renewable heating alternatives. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How to Turn Windows Into Solar Panels
Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) — Kevin Arthur, CEO at Oxford Photovoltaics, discusses the company’s technology providing solar energy through windows. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Gas price war rattles LNG market
Nov 22, 2013 : Liquefied natural gas projects around the world are being held up because Asian buyers of the fuel want to import cheaper US shale gas instead. The FT’s Neil Hume and Guy Chazan discuss the consequences for the global energy market.

Shale shock
Dec 16, 2013 : Oil prices have remained stable for years. Jack Farchy, commodities correspondent, suggests to John Authers that this has been due to reduced supply in countries such as Libya and Iran, and that prices could easily fall in 2014.

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