Europe’s biggest infrastructure project
Dec 27, 2013 : Crossrail, London’s £14.8bn rail programme, is approaching its halfway mark. Mark Odell reports on the magnitude of an undertaking that will connect the east and west of the city with a line that includes 21km of twin-bore tunnels dug beneath the capital.

2014: US and Japan
Dec 30, 2013 : The S&P 500 in the US rose more than 30% in 2013. Can it repeat that while investors are being weaned off easy money? Japan’s markets did even better but while it looks as if Abenomics can deliver inflation, can it really deliver growth? John Authers analyses

Full Video: Dennis Blair Talks Spying and More

Former Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair talks to the WSJ’s Sara Murray about NSA spying practices, cybersecurity threats and his greatest success and regret.

The Benefits of Studying Insiders’ Trading Patterns

Mario Draghi hits at ‘nationalistic’ attacks of ECB rate cut

Mario Draghi

The president of the European Central Bank hit back on Thursday over German “nationalistic” criticism of the central bank’s low interest rate policy.

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Why Europe needs to try unconventional policy

It is time for its central bank to consider starting quantitative easing. Last week’s dreadful data for the eurozone tell us that a long period of low economic growth and excessively low inflation lies ahead. France is falling back into recession; the signs of recovery in Italy have disappeared – again; even Germany has lost momentum.

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