Where to Invest in 2014
Financial advisors at the Barron’s Top Women Advisors Summit tell Barron’s Lauren Rublin where they see opportunities in energy, emerging markets, technology, and more.

Europe too inflexible and out of touch
Dec 23, 2013 : Europe’s regulators fail to understand the complexity of complying with new rules and lack the flexibility to change their minds, says Anthony Belchambers of the Futures and Options Association. He explains the problems investors face to FT Trading Room’s Philip Stafford.

Why Care About the N.S.A.?
By Brian Knappenberger November 25th, 2013
A short film explores whether ordinary Americans should be concerned about online surveillance.

Opinion: A Former Navy Pilot on the East China Sea Standoff

Nebraska Republican Senate candidate Shane Osborn on the growing tension in the East China Sea, and his experience crash landing on China’s Hainan Island in 2001. Photos: Getty Images

Opinion: A Cold War Turning Hot in the East China Sea?

Editorial page editor Paul Gigot on the escalating conflict between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands. Photo: Getty Images

Three Strikes of Injustice
By Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway October 9th, 2012
A documentary profiles Shane Taylor, one of more than 4,000 nonviolent offenders serving life in California prisons under a three-strikes law.

What Bankruptcy Means for Detroit
By Channon Hodge and David Gillen December 4th, 2013
City officials hope a judge’s ruling allowing bankruptcy will release Detroit from the grip of creditors and move it toward recovery.

Whither Northeast Asia? Managing Tensions and Avoiding Conflict in a Troubled Region
A part of the disputed islands in the East China Sea, known as the Senkaku isles in Japan, Diaoyu in China (REUTERS/Kyodo).

Rising tensions in Northeast Asia have caused a downturn in relations between China and Japan and Japan and South Korea, representing a serious challenge to regional stability and a deep concern to the United States. Evans Revere offers principles and guidelines for managing current tensions and creating a framework for intra-regional cooperation.
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