Personal Finance

Personal Finances

Getting Started on the Road to Financial Freedom

If you design a smart game plan and execute it consistently, you will be on the fast track to financial freedom in no time. 

To determine if your money is being managed properly ask yourself these questions:

Are you being paid fair wages? And are you spending more than you earn?
Compare your occupational skills with similar occupations in the industry. Can you see growing opportunities in the future or it is time to seek other employment?

If you are expending more than you earn then it is maybe a good idea to rid yourself of unnecessary expenses. That doesn’t mean you have to crimp your way of life. See it as an improvement that is beneficial to your future financial freedom.

Have you got a budget plan in place? If not, then it is time you make one and begin spending as per the structured finances laid out in your plan. To gain control of your finances, you must know exactly where your money is going.

Are you managing debt responsibly?
Credit card debt is the greatest hurdle to getting ahead financially. They are easy and convenient to use but you must know that if you do not pay your bills on time that you are living on borrowed money. You end up paying considerably more than the value of goods when late payment interest is accounted for. It just makes sense to pay immediately for purchases that you can afford and not take on any debt. Debt is a cancer eating away at your potential savings and future financial goals. Compose a list of expenses today, and then try to eliminate a few of them in the approaching month.

Have you invested in a saving plan as well as your retirement plans? Set a fixed amount of money aside for saving every month. Do not deviate from this amount. If you have difficulty saving this amount, try cutting your expenses to make up the shortfall or increasing your earnings. This is a powerful concept known as ‘Paying yourself first.’ Save at least 10 percent of your income at the start and increase the amount as you go along. When you get a wage increase or bonus, increase your savings accordingly. Once you have the savings habit ingrained into your psyche, then it will develop into an automatic and normal occurrence that you just do. Make use of the auto-saving feature or auto-investment plans that most financial institutions conveniently offer.

There are many free investment tutorials available to get you started investing. Take advantage of them right here on this site.

Knowledge and savings are the key to an even better lifestyle.


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