Real Estate

Real Estate
Vince Camuto’s Hamptons Home: $49.5M

As the Federal Reserve gets ready to scale back its quantitative-esing policy, many financial sectors are bracing for impact. How should you invest in real estate now?

Screen Prospective Tenants Before You Rent Out Your Property
Turn Repossessed Houses into Lucrative Investments

Making Money In Real Estate

Profits in real estate can be realized when a property appreciates in value and from rental income. 

For undeveloped land, profits can be made by developing it or selling at a profit to a developer. As cities expand or zoning laws change, undeveloped lands can become more valuable very quickly.

To invest in residential property, the location is one of the biggest factor for appreciation in value. If the neighborhood around a home is improving – adding transit routes, schools, shopping centers, playgrounds and parks – the value escalates.

Renovations and improvements can also increase value. Installing a new bathroom, adding a garage or remodeling to an open concept kitchen, are just some examples of how property owner can increase the value of a home

Commercial properties gain in value with the same concept. Prime location, further development, improvements and renovations.

Rental properties provide income through rent from tenants and businesses. Wise investors will try to buy properties low and sell when prices are high. Thus investors should be keenly aware of current real estate trends.

Real estate investors should carefully analyze and evaluate a property’s intrinsic value and cash flow potential to determine its financial viability. A prospective property should provide a steady and profitable income stream. With mortgages at low interest rates, investing in housing is a tantalizing idea.

If you already have a home and then buy another for the purposes of renting you can earn capital gains as the property appreciates in value. Furthermore, the mortgage pays itself off as the tenants pay rent.

Some sacrifices could surely be made in order to benefit in the future. When there is an increase in the value of your property and you have maintained it well, you are slowly reducing your mortgage. Renovations and improvements will increase the property equity value. You add to your net worth as your tenant’s rent payments pay for the property.

In the short term, real estate can be very profitable. Conversely you may purchase a property for a bargain price relative to the market value. Invest in new renovations and improvements and re-sell the property for a handsome profit. Although this is a very simplified example, it shows the potential for profits can be higher than other more conservative investments.

You stand to make the most money by finding a place in an ‘up and coming’ neighborhood. Knowing how to find such a gold mine is important. Look for clues to find ideal properties in parts of the city that are being re-developed. If big money is going into an area then it’s usually an indication that this new community has promise. Get to know the neighborhood and surrounding streets.
Visit the area where the property is located. Check out what kind of amenities are within a reasonable distance like grocery stores, movie theaters or shopping centers. Try to ascertain if the property holds future value.


Screen Prospective Tenants Before You Rent Out Your Property
Turn Repossessed Houses into Lucrative Investments

How to Invest in Real Estate Now

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