America’s new Aircraft Carrier
One big-ticket item in the Defense Department’s budget is the new aircraft carrier being built in Virginia — the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Laptop Buyer’s Guide

During Walt Mossberg’s last laptop buyer’s guide, he said it was best to wait until the fall. Now the fall has come and Intel’s 4th generation processors and OS upgrades from Apple and Microsoft make it a good time to buy. (Photo: Intel)

Teacher’s Top Five Tech Tips

Ohio’s 2013 teacher of the year, Carole Morbitzer, shares her five favorite technologies for engaging — and keeping tabs on — students in the classroom, and keeping in touch with them after school

Five Tips for Parents of Tablet-Addicted Kids

How young is too young to be using an iPad or other touch-screen media device? What should parents do if they can’t get their children off the tablet? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer Image: Associated Press. Data from

101 East : China’s cyber warriors

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